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T2 Fatboy 2 Wireless Machine

T2 Fatboy 2 Wireless Machine

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More power as always!
Subvert you, just need a pen with all the functions you need for tattoo art creation!
"Fat Boy Becoming - Wireless Fat Boy"
The new Fatboy II Wireless with no external power supply and no footswitch!
"Mainstream Type-C Fast Charge"
The device has up to 10 hours of battery life with about 1.5 hours of fast charging.
Charge your tattoo machine with any USB-C power plug, including your car, laptop, or battery pack.
"LED full-screen display"
Keep abreast of your own voltage data, and check battery life and voltage usage with LED digital indicators.
"Simplify complexity, you have everything you need"
In order not to complicate adjusting the power supply, there is a friendly interface with only 3 buttons, so you can spend more time on creation and tattoo art.
"Touch panel without physical buttons"

Touch lightly:
You can start Fatboy II, and then touch Pause to temporarily stop working, and the other two buttons, one up and one down, are used to adjust the voltage level! The entire panel can be covered with plastic wrap, and it is still very sensitive to touch!

The Fatboy II Wireless is designed to be very ergonomic, maintaining the classic Fatboy feel, but with a powered unit that is very light, the design puts most of the weight in the center, which reduces the pressure on the hand.

Now is the time to unleash your creativity, embrace the revolution towards Wireless tattoo machines and create your masterpiece. Say goodbye to annoying RCA cables, traditional loud and bulky tattoo machines! Even if you love the power of the coil tattoo machine, you'll love the Fatboy II Wireless!
T2 Fatboy 2 generation parameters
· 4.0mm bearing
· Sensitive touch LED screen
· Type-C charging interface
· 10 hours standby power
· Pause button ·Start

·Charging head light shows blue light (stop charging when charged to 100%) red light (continuous charging without power)

1. Continue the performance of Fatboy, and upgrade the movement, the speed is 2 times that of the previous one.
2. Continue the feel of the fat boy, it is still fat, but it has a super good feel! Definitely a selling point for Fat Boy.
3. Keeping pace with the times, Fat Boy is wireless, and cancels the buttons, using the touch screen in full, but you can keep the plastic wrap!
4. Type-c interface, 3A fast charge.
5. With exclusive charging head, it can charge mobile phone and T2 tattoo pen at the same time
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