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Kokkai Sumi 36 Colors Sets

Kokkai Sumi 36 Colors Sets

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Color Include: Akaneiro Red, Black Mist, Blood Star, Beach Sand Tan, Deep Blue Sea, Dark Silver Kaze, Kaiyo Green, Koi Red, Kerria Yellow, Light Silver Kaze, Mizu Blue, Momo Coral, Magenta Dottyback, Murasaki Mist, Medium Silver Kaze, Purple Starfish, Purple Urchin, Ryujin Ripple, Red Tide, Sunbeam, Sea Anemone Violet, Seal Brown, Skinny Dip, Sea Dragon Green, Sea Grass, Sea Moss, Salmon Orange, Sakura Pink, Sea Turtle, Sunset Orange, Tan Line, Tide Teal, Taiyo Yellow, Umi Blue, Wasabi Wave, and White Moon

Description: Introducing the latest innovation in ink technology from Kokkai Sumi. The Super Dispersed Formula ink composition boasts a consistent and uniform viscosity, setting it apart from conventional inks that tend to settle or separate over time.

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